Monday, April 9, 2012

Mustang A Day Challenge Painting # 297 Ronda's Whisper

4 by 6 inches Watercolor
by LindaLMartin Artist

I have to say it seemed like forever for Whisper to arrive home to Rhonda's house. Sometimes  adoption wins take a while to deliver across the country. I can't imagine how nerve wreaking it must have seemed waiting for delivery day. But this little bay mare with the white blaze seemed everything that Rhonda expected. and more. Can I speculate it was love at first sight. Congratulations on your Mustang, Ronda, and thank-you for letting me enjoy your steps to receiving her and finally to paint her.

When someone adopts through the on-line adoptions from the BLM you only see photographs of the horse you are bidding on. Of course you have to be approved before you can bid and submit a drawing of the facility (pen) you expect to keep your horse in to see if it meets the requirements for handling a wild horse. When you win you choose the destination BLM facility that is nearest to you.Even getting to the nearest facility can take  several months  as there  might be many stops in between. That is the pick up point. From there you have to hire someone to pick up your horse and bring it to you or you can go an pick up the horse yourself. The challenge in the shipping is to find someone who has experience with wild horses that understands the needs and requirements of a horse that has never truly been handled.

photo used by permission
Ronda Chayer. 

Of course you don't really know until the horse gets to you exactly how wild or how much of a challenge it will be to get the horse to trust you.  Then the day comes and your wild beauty arrives at your place. Your heart is racing like the first time you got your own horse or your first riding lesson. And the relationship begins.

Over the last two years Ive watched via photos and video  hundreds of these relationships and bonds unfold. I have to say each one is unique and different. Each with their own surprises, their own challenges, joys, set backs and rewards. To take a horse from the wild and journey with it to its usefulness has to be one of the most beautiful and amazing things well since watching a child grow up right before your eyes into a beautiful accomplished young woman. Its a wonder and an amazement and every hard won step and accomplishment has to be worth it.

Adoptions are coming up again on the internet. If you are interested and have never adopted I suggest two things: 1) read the requirements and then 2) locate a Tip Trainer near you to guide your through the process and the training.

Tip Trainers can be found through  the Mustang Heritage Foundation:
Requirements and available horses can be found on line at the BLM Online Adoptions site.


  1. what a fantastic description! Pretty much exactly that way, except when attending a satellite adoption site. And thanks for recommending the TIP trainers!

  2. Thank you Lauren. Benefiting from successful experiences is one of the best way to ensure a successful adoption. These horses deserve every chance they can get to succeed. I'm so glad to do it. TIP trainers and EMM trainers are the back bone of the success of adoptions right now.