Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Van Gogh son of Picasso Mustang A Day Challenge painting 451

 Surprising Turn of Events Re-unties Iconic Wild Horse to His Legacy of a Son.
 While range drama is not for the faint of heart, heart warming is also a factor in watching the saga of American wild horses almost any place in North America.  Painting 451, of Van Gogh and his Sire, Picasso, and first time dam, Robin, represents a little of both. 

Surprisingly, last year 2-year-old fillies walked away from their bands to be a part of the harem of this 25plus- year-old wild stallion. However, sometime in early summer, fans of the Sand Wash Basin, Colorado HMA herd were distraught to hear that this icon and well photographed aging stallion, had lost his entire band of young mares, As well as his steady lead mare Mingo.

Yet, soon after Van Gogh was born his dam, Robin, by the band stallion Eagle and out of his lead mare Lark, snuck away from her "captor" stallion and found her way back, colt in tow, to Picasso.  One of the images by Range Photographer John Wagner, shows the profile view of the colt, sporting the same definitive roman nose as his sire, as well as his distinctly similar pinto markings.

Presenting "Van Gogh"

"Van Gogh"
by Linda L Martin
8 by 10 inches Watercolor
In house prints available by contacting
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