Friday, February 25, 2011

Adoption: "Mama" of Rio Lobo Ranch Colorado Challenge Painting #55

In Cheryl Morin's own words:

8by10 inch Watercolor
by artist LindaLMartin
"Mama is a BLM Mustang.
Near as we can decipher from her BLM brand she was 13 when she arrived at the ranch in 2008. 
She is a horse with a kind eye and a gentle soul. 
When she arrived at the ranch she had her 3 or 4 month old filly with her.  What we didn't know at the time was that she was pregnant.   The filly that arrived at the ranch with her is Miss.  The filly she gave birth to in March of 2009 is Nicker.
This girl is a good Mama and holy cow - she has a lot of patience.  She is raising both her girls and taking the time to teach the boys not only how to be a horse, she is teaching them horse manners.
"She is gray grulla - true grulla with dorsal stripe, stockings and bars on the back of her front legs above her knees and below her shoulders.  Indeed, she is rather short, barely 14 hands when she stands up tall. She is a bit round and she has a lovely mustache!  She is smarter than several people I know. 
My vet thinks that she has Connemara pony in her heritage which would explain the mustache and the 'brains'.  She loves to be brushed.  She is the sweetest soul.  Trusting.
The other night she was standing off rather by herself, and the others were up at the hay station.  I took her out a flake of hay.  As I walked up (didn't need to say a word, she knew it was me -- actually couldn't/wouldn't be anyone else ....) and before she confirmed I had snacks, she nickered 'hellos'.  I handed over the hay and knelt on the ground beside her feet,. close enough to feel her breath as she ate.   I had the most wonderful time just hanging out with my Sweet Girl while she had some dinner.  Clear sky. Snow on the ground.  Listening to her eat. And as she ate, the smell of grass and summer filled the air and for that short time, there was no one other than Mama and me.  She is a good girl."
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  1. Sweet story! Enjoying all your paintings Linda!

  2. ahhhhh what a nice read about a sweet mare. Love the painting of her!

  3. Thank you very much Mulberry. Always enjoy your comments too. =0)

  4. Nancy thank you so much for your encouragement. I've met so many wonderful horsewmen and men on this adventure. You among them.Im glad you are enjoying these. =0)

  5. Love the watercolor feel to this nice painting. Keep up the great work!

  6. Thank-you Sheri. Im really itching to get back to the oil paintings. Have to wait a bit for that. =0)