Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jet of Sand Wash Basin: Horse #1 in the Mustang A Day Personal Challenge of Linda L Martin

Jet, Band Stallion of Sand Wash Basin HMA
8 by 10 inch Acrylic on Canvas Board
copyright(c)2010 LindaLMartin Artist
 Well  Here I am at the very beginning of the Mustang A Day Challenge. It was a really hard decision as to which band stallion I should paint first :flashy Picasso, the sexy Corona, powerful Prince… There are so many to choose from, and of course there is steady rangy Nomad. All of these will be painted soon. But the one I chose to start with was Jet.  I chose Jet for so many reasons. This leggy refind Stallion has a lot of determination and moxie. Not to mention he reaks of “Fury” and the Black stallion from tv fantasy and children’s books.
I re-thought Jet's importance when I read something that Nancy Roberts wrote about him. In 2008 he had a huge band of mares. During the round ups or Gathers as they are officially called, when the mares were separated out,  he like most of the band stallions lost his mares. For the last two years he has been fighting and collecting mares until now he is in the process of building up a large band again.
There is something to be said for the band stallion that uses all of his prowess, his determination and his strength to gather up mares and keep them safely through the winter, then make sure they are healthy through famine and drought in spite of the conditions they find themselves.
I haven’t seen too many photos of this Stallion  when he wasn’t facing the camera, as he is ever alert and ready to defend his band.  However, one of the Sand Wash Basin Photographers caught him as he lifted his head from grazing. When I told him I thought this needed to be a painting he emailed me the photo. Trouble is I cant find the email now to verify the name. So I won’t post the reference shot as it is very different from what I actually painted. But if the person will come forward I will post both their photo and give them credit.
So in the mean time It is with great excitement I give you the very first of the Mustang A Day Personal Challenge Paintings: Jet of Sand Wash Basin Colorado.
The Original Painting is now listed on Etsy in the Mustang A Day Challenge Shop. The current price will go up as the painting becomes more popular.  Link in here:

You can also buy framed prints of Jet at*
Proceeds generated from the sale of these items will go toward funding the Challenge project

Update:2/8/2011 The refrence photo for this painting was provided by photographer Jim Weston. If you would like to see the original image of Jet with his harem pre the gathers of 2008 you can see these amazing photos of Jim's on his facebook page:!/photo.php?fbid=1350550978563&set=a.1350549618529.44733.1675031126&pid=682786&id=1675031126 
Thank-you, Jim!
Just a note to photographers. It would really help me out that when you lend me reference shots please put your name on the image in one of the bottom corners so this doesn’t happen again. If I do receive unmarked photos I will try to put your name on them but I cant garentee I can get to it with the sheer volume of work I am doing. Thanks =0)


  1. Lovely painting, Linda, and love that you're adding the story of the horse to go along with it.

  2. So happy to enjoy this series along with you as you create them.

  3. I like both the paintings in series, the challenge aspect in regard to Herdwatch, adopt a herd etc. Also really thorough and detailed in the description. I think this will make for a desirable set of cards, incl text.
    There is a beautiful boardgame called Herd Your Horses and it is about mustangs and ranchers. Beautiful drawings...reminds me.

  4. Thank you so much for your kind comments Tracy. Sheri its always wonderful to share. Im glad you are enjoying the project so far. =0)

    Thanks Grabriele. I had not heard of the Herd Your Horses game. Thanks for your encouragement. If you know of herd watchers who might like to contribute to the photos for the project please tell them about what I am doing. Hopefully we will take some of the art on the road to spread the word
    providing we can get the funding. If they have a non-profit we can also do a link exchange. you can see the Mustang A Day Challenge link on the first page on my website.