Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Challenge Painting #230 Kids and Mustangs:Nevada and Sefra

Sefra Swab's Mustang Nevada. 

"A Beautiful Thing"
Nevada and Sefra
5x7 inches Watercolor
by Linda L Martin Artist

Nevada was from Buck and Bald, Nevada. Although Sefra no longer owns Nevada, Her mother saw a beautiful connection between the gelding and her daughter during the time Sefra owned this handsome gelding.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Challenge Painting #229 Kids and Mustangs: Little Willie and Maysa

Susan and Ryan Hanna's Little Willie and their daughter Maysa,

Little Willie and Maysa
5 by 7 Watercolor
By LindaLMartinArtist
In Susan's words: As for the story of us...Ryan, my husband, and I both grew up in a ranch and rodeo family. I was a barrel racer. He's a steer wrestler. I haven't been competitive since I had our first child (Hayes, who's already 6! And we have Maysa, 3). Ryan spent a while on the ProRodeo Circuit and was really successful. Won our circuit twice and won the Dodge Nat'l Circuit Finals once. Now days, we ranch, and make and sell ranch horses. I'm also a teacher (preschool at the moment) for our public school district.

Last year Ryan entered his first EMM. Honestly, we probably got into it for all the wrong reasons...for the competition, for a challenge, and to get our name out to a different crowd. We had no clue that we would fall head-over-heels for mustangs and the circle of people involved with them. Our first mustang was Little Willie, EMM Colorado, last year. Little Willie was TINY, and really quite homely (until you got to know him!)!

Ryan is 6'6 and towered over this little horse! But he just may have had the BIGGEST heart of any horse we've come across. Ryan and Willie ended up in the Finals in Colorado...afterwards, (and keep in mind that Ryan has accomplished much in the rodeo and ranch horse comp. world) said that "THIS was the BIGGEST and most IMPORTANT thing he has done in his equine career...". We ALL cried when we said goodbye to Willie, but take a look where he was adopted to,

This is Little Willie and Maysa (then 2).  He LOVED kids! 
From day 1 he had such an interest and curiousity for our kids.
That's a little bit about us and our mustang experience. We have lots of "nice" horses. We have family that have a few great studs and are bred to run and perform...BUT, there is just something special about these mustangs. Something that is hard to put in words. Something that pulls on our heartstrings a little more. And the bonus is the wonderful people that we have crossed paths with in the experience!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Challenge Painting #228 Kids and Mustangs Metawa and Lacey

Lona Patton's Metawa and Lacey Glazier.
"Good Times"
Lacey and Metawa
8 by 10 Watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist

Last Summer Lacey Glazier participated in the  Saddle up for St. Jude’s trail ride Fund Raiser organized by Lona Patton. Lacey had been going through treatment for Ewings Sarcoma a type of Bone Cancer. Just days before the trail ride Lacey underwent an operation on her spine to remove newly formed tumors.

Lona was reluctant to let Lacey ride but after some convincing from Lacey’s mom , Lona put her up on Metawa, her  mustang gelding from Adobe Town, Wyoming. Metawa sensed the condition of his 17 year old rider,  now riding in a special brace covered with butterflies.  Metawa,  took special care of Lacey during the ride.  It made for a wonderful memory for all involved and helped raise money for a wonderful cause.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Guest Artist: Jeanne Schoborg

                               SPIRIT OF THE WEST...SPIRIT OF AN ARTIST
"Wild Thing"
  28" x 22" Oil on Canvas
by Jeanne Schoborg
     There are many artists out there who embrace the equine as their subject.  Many breeds are represented - the fleet and courageous thoroughbred, the might draft, the gay pony, and the magnificent horse of the show ring.  But when an equine artist looks deep into their soul, there is one image that calls...the one that feeds the hand and eye of all  - the mustang!  With it's indomitable spirit and tenacity, this is the one that stands at the foundation of our craving to make the horse come alive on canvas, paper, or sculpture.

We equine artists use this captivating wild spirit to tame our hands for the domestic horse of our creations.  Once in a while, we, like the mustang, need to break out of our formal bonds and wrestle free of our restraints and find him again - fighting his way onto our canvas or under the touch of the sculptors hand; reminding us why we feed our equine addiction!  He is the wild within us, the untamed, the deep, driving force that keeps us toiling and searching for his power and domination of all that means art in our lives!  I salute you, mustang, and thank you for the spirit that drives me every day and supports me with your power and steady gait!  For without you, I would be much less the artist I am today!

Jeanne is a 1979 graduate of Stephen's College of Columbia, MO. where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts.  In addition to being a long time artist since childhood, she has  participated in several Harness Tracks of America Art auctions and competitions, receiving the Award of Excellence in Oils more than once.  Jeanne has also donated many auction pieces to the New Vocations Race Horse Adoption Program of Dayton, Oh. and various other non-profit, horse related organizations over the years.  She and her family live in a country farm just outside Eldora, IA. with their many cats, dogs, and of course, horses!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Guest Artist: Rachel Dubber

 My name is Rachel Dubber; I am an International Irish Artist from Co. Galway, Ireland.  Currently residing in Cape Town, South Africa, who has a life long passion for horses. 
11 by 17 inch Oil Painting
By Rachel Dubber
  My portfolio consists of mostly oil paintings, photography and occasionally sculptures.  My work has been exhibited in Europe, China and South Africa and is included in collections in Ireland, Scotland, England, Italy, Spain, China and South Africa.

The images I select to paint affect me emotionally, which I believe they must do, in order for it to take life on a canvas.   Years spent with horses also help in getting the feel of the horse on canvas or molded in clay.  The image must convey the freedom, beauty, strength and majestic qualities of the subject.  I love my oil painted horses to be free, unhindered by tack or riders, free from any constraints and always, if possible in motion.  

Detail of  "Apache"
 For this guest artist exhibit the requirement was to paint a Mustang. Not having access to Wild Mustangs or the availability of images was solved by the generosity of John Wagner a passionate American Photographer whose work I truly admire. After contacting John, I was given permission to paint one of his photographs.

This oil painting, measuring 17 inches by 12 inches is of a Mustang called Apache; approximately between 3-4 years old, he is a satellite stallion in a Mustang Herd called Brave's Band.  John kindly informed me that Apache is a satellite stallion, which is a full adult stallion that is allowed to hangout with a Band that already has a lead stallion. Usually the satellite hangs out away from the main Band. The satellite serves a purpose, sometimes he is a challenger, an extra pair of eyes, and so the lead stallion can stay closer to his Band.
Detail of
Apache is very aggressive. He picks fights with Brave all the time and any other stallion close by. Apache is small but he is very brave.

Brave's Band lives in Sand Wash Basin Horse Management Association in Northwestern Colorado, on 160,000 acres of Bureau of Land Management Land, 250 square miles of Freedom to roam where they want. The land is so huge that the Wild Horses don't even scratch the surface.

May The Wild Horses Run Free forever....and keep touching our hearts and minds.

You can check out more of my work at and feel free to drop me an email.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Challenge Painting #227 Happy Mustang: "Lippy"

Lippy's Story as told by trainer Jennifer Wills
Lippy was named  as such because when
he was rounded up he was missing most
of his bottom Lip.
5 by 7 inch watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist

" Mustang #0291 was a beautiful horse from the first glance of his picture on the BLM website. All would hover over his picture, but quickly move on once reading the details of his bio.

He was gathered out of Stinking Water in 2010 as an eight year old stallion. He was now awaiting adoption one year later as a nine year old gelding. He was also missing most of his bottom lip, most likely lost in battle with another stallion, hence he was already known as "Lippy".

While many adopters and trainers, skeptical of his age, passed him by, one family and one trainer were willing to give him a home.

He was indeed different to work with than other, younger mustangs. He needed more time and to develop a true bond. But once be did gain this trust, he gave 100%.

He was tired. He no longer had the desire to fight for his place and be a constant defender of his herd. It was his time to be loved and protected.

He is the most true and genuine mustang I've ever worked with. His expressive eyes, alert ears, and vocal nostrils tell everything he is thinking. He is in constant communication.

He was not forced to do anything. Everything he has learned has been because he was ready to accept it and not a moment sooner.

"Lippy" will make a fine riding horse and devoted partner to his adopters."

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Challenge Painting #221 Kids and Mustangs

Junior TIP Trainer Zach Thomas and
his Mustang Filly Lil' Nevada Red
5 by 7 inch Watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

Challenge Painting #219 Kids and Mustangs

"He's Come A Long Way Baby"
Photographer Amy Spivey's Son and Mustang Miles Fidelis
5 by 7 Watercolor
by LindaLMartin Artist

Challenge Painting #218 Kids and Mustangs

"18 Hours"
Terri Nutter's Daughter with Mustang Dammit
8 by 10 inch Watercolor
by Linda L Martin Artist

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Challenge Painting #217 Working Mustang: Lonesome Caisson Horse with the Old Guard at Ft. Meyer

4 by 6 inch Watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist
Reference for the Painting provided by Elizabeth  Ann

Lonesome is one of two black Mustangs used at Ft Meyer to
pull the caissons at Arlington National Cemetery.  Lonesome
also is Used in ceremonial duties and public  events. The
most recent being the Washington International Horse Show.
Lonesome was also at the Lorton, Virginia BLM Adoption Event
with Stablemate Wyatt as an ambassador for the Old Guard
and to show potential adopters how wonderful mustangs can be,
once they are gentled and trained.  Illustration Photo by LindaLMartin