Saturday, November 19, 2011

Challenge Painting #227 Happy Mustang: "Lippy"

Lippy's Story as told by trainer Jennifer Wills
Lippy was named  as such because when
he was rounded up he was missing most
of his bottom Lip.
5 by 7 inch watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist

" Mustang #0291 was a beautiful horse from the first glance of his picture on the BLM website. All would hover over his picture, but quickly move on once reading the details of his bio.

He was gathered out of Stinking Water in 2010 as an eight year old stallion. He was now awaiting adoption one year later as a nine year old gelding. He was also missing most of his bottom lip, most likely lost in battle with another stallion, hence he was already known as "Lippy".

While many adopters and trainers, skeptical of his age, passed him by, one family and one trainer were willing to give him a home.

He was indeed different to work with than other, younger mustangs. He needed more time and to develop a true bond. But once be did gain this trust, he gave 100%.

He was tired. He no longer had the desire to fight for his place and be a constant defender of his herd. It was his time to be loved and protected.

He is the most true and genuine mustang I've ever worked with. His expressive eyes, alert ears, and vocal nostrils tell everything he is thinking. He is in constant communication.

He was not forced to do anything. Everything he has learned has been because he was ready to accept it and not a moment sooner.

"Lippy" will make a fine riding horse and devoted partner to his adopters."

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