Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Guest Artist: Jeanne Schoborg

                               SPIRIT OF THE WEST...SPIRIT OF AN ARTIST
"Wild Thing"
  28" x 22" Oil on Canvas
by Jeanne Schoborg
     There are many artists out there who embrace the equine as their subject.  Many breeds are represented - the fleet and courageous thoroughbred, the might draft, the gay pony, and the magnificent horse of the show ring.  But when an equine artist looks deep into their soul, there is one image that calls...the one that feeds the hand and eye of all  - the mustang!  With it's indomitable spirit and tenacity, this is the one that stands at the foundation of our craving to make the horse come alive on canvas, paper, or sculpture.

We equine artists use this captivating wild spirit to tame our hands for the domestic horse of our creations.  Once in a while, we, like the mustang, need to break out of our formal bonds and wrestle free of our restraints and find him again - fighting his way onto our canvas or under the touch of the sculptors hand; reminding us why we feed our equine addiction!  He is the wild within us, the untamed, the deep, driving force that keeps us toiling and searching for his power and domination of all that means art in our lives!  I salute you, mustang, and thank you for the spirit that drives me every day and supports me with your power and steady gait!  For without you, I would be much less the artist I am today!

Jeanne is a 1979 graduate of Stephen's College of Columbia, MO. where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts.  In addition to being a long time artist since childhood, she has  participated in several Harness Tracks of America Art auctions and competitions, receiving the Award of Excellence in Oils more than once.  Jeanne has also donated many auction pieces to the New Vocations Race Horse Adoption Program of Dayton, Oh. and various other non-profit, horse related organizations over the years.  She and her family live in a country farm just outside Eldora, IA. with their many cats, dogs, and of course, horses!

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