Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Adopted Mustang Leeroy from Salt Wells HMA Challenge Image #421

Stacey Craft's Leeroy
4 by 6 Watercolor
by Linda L Martin Artist
Leeroy's story as told by his adopter: Stacey Craft: Leeroy is a 4 year old gathered in 2010 from the Salt Wells Creek WY. He was saddle trained by the Mantle Ranch in 2012 and passed over at the in person ranch adoption. I worked with the BLM and Steve Mantle and was able to get him shipped to PA where I picked him up and brought him to live in NY. Leeroy had and excellent foundation in riding and Thanks to the Mantles for the great job they have done on my boy.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Paz 2013 Filly from Sand Wash Basin HMA Challenge Image #420

Buckskin Filly
Hurricane, Band Stallion and Dam, Pablina
4 by 6 inches Pastel Pencil on Paper
by Linda L Martin Artist
A special thanks to John Wagner for providing the Reference Photography for this drawing.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Divine 2013 Filly from Sand Wash Basin HMA Challenge Image #419

"Divine"Band Stallion: Cherokee
Dam: Bonita
4 by 6 inches Pastel Pencils on Paper
by Artist LindaLMartin

A special Thanks to John Wagner for the reference photography for this drawing

Monday, May 20, 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thursday, May 9, 2013

2 Little Hurricanes of Sand Wash Basin HMA Challenge Image #412

2 Little Hurricanes of Sand Wash Basin
Paz (the filly from Pablina) & Orgulloso ( the colt from Dusty)
From Hurricane's Band
by Linda L Martin Artist
5by 7 Graphite on Paper
$65.00 (original)
$35.00 in-house signed 11by8.5 print
Special Thanks to John Wagner for the reference photo for tonight's drawing.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hurricane Band Stallion of Sand Wash Basin HMA Challenge Image #411

4 by 6 inches Graphite on Paper
by LindaLMartin
Original $60.00
In-house 11 by 8.5 inches Signed Prints $35.00 each

Just a little about Hurricane:

I painted him during hurricane season last year when a huge nor-easter was baring down on the Mid-Atlantic states. Some who it just seemed fitting. This beautiful Sandy Red Dun stallion is free of any white marks and a very good band stallion at keeping his mares fit and healthy. This spring he surprised everyone by showing off two beautiful Dun foals from his two gray mares.These two are identical to their band stallion/dad. I haven't been able to confirm the gender yet of the two foals how ever they are the spitting image of Hurricane.I will try to draw them later on this week.

Keep this in mind though alot of these mares are exchanged year to year and so their foals are by different sires. Even with those mares that stay consistently with one stallion year after year we can only be 90% sure that the band stallion the mares are with is the sire of their foals unless there is DNA testing. This is one way creation keeps genetic viability. There are a few that we suspect manage to not participate in mare swapping on SWB. Since 2010 Eagle has been consistently with one mare. Corona has been consistently with the same group of mares, and Picasso even though down to one mare has been consistently with that mare.

Special Thanks to John Wagner for the reference photography.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Jimmy Darksand Band Stallion of Sand Wash Basin HMA #410

"Jimmy Darksand"
5 by 7 inches  Graphite on Paper
by Linda L Martin Artist
Original $75.00
in-house signed prints $35.00each
How Jimmy Darksand Got His Name:

I suppose that more than a few people know that I was the one who named Jimmy for the population counts and to track the horses at Sand Wash Basin HMA. I thought you all might like to know the story behind the name. I have never shared it until now.

One day In 2010,  on the Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses page  in Facebook that Nancy Roberts started, she invited who ever happened to be around that day to help name this particular stallion.

Well, as I was looking through the  photos of  him.  I thought he always seems so dusty and sandy,  He was almost the  color of dark sand. And the way he moved reminded me of my horse loving cowboy boyfriend from high school. So I suggested the name Jimmy Darksand to Nancy Roberts for the purposes of documenting the wild horses there. 

At that time there was just over 300 people following the wild horses of the Sand Wash Basin Range on Facebook.  Each day I couldn’t wait to rush in and see the new foals, hear of the exploits.  When she agreed to the name, I was thrilled. And now I had a personal connection to the horses there.  Each day I was thrilled to hear reports of how Jimmy was doing. I looked forward to  hearing  if anyone had a new sighting of my boy, Jimmy. Of course by that time I already knew that I was connected to him in my heart.

I am eventually going to paint a painting of Jimmy and Barbie, his one beautiful gray mare, together. I will share the rest of Jimmy's story with you when I  paint the painting.I’ve been planning it for over a year.

But for right now enjoy this simple graphite of my boy, Jimmy. As many of you know he was humanely destroyed after breaking a leg on the last weekend of April. 

A special thanks to Sally Wright for the Reference photo of Jimmy Darksand.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Picasso Band Stallion of Sand Wash Basin HMA #409

5 by 7 inches Graphite on #110 Paper
by Linda L Martin Artist
Original $75.00
Signed in house prints 11 by 8.5 $35.00 each
info@llmartin.com for information
Reference Photography thanks to John Wagner

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kissy, Orphan Foal of Sand Wash Basin Challenge Painting #407

"Kissy and Kira her Dam"
4 by 6 inches Graphite on Paper
by LindaLMartinArtist
Original $75.00
In-house 11 by 8.5 signed prints $35.00 each
for more information  info@llmartin.com
Reference Photography Thanks to Patrick Brennan