Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Adopted! Pinto Mare, Flanigan HMA, Nevada, Mustang A Day Callenge Painting #487

Pinto Mare Tag 7042
Happily Adopted to North Carolina through the Wild Horse and Burro Program Internet Adoption. The next Internet adoption is March 4th.

Tag #7042
Adopted through the WH&B Program Internet Adoption
5 by 7 Watercolor
by LindaLMartin Artist

How To Adopt:One of the best ways to be involved with wild horses is to adopt one. You can be proactive in helping to save wild horses by adopting, Learning how to gentle a wild horse and then encouraging your friends to adopt and learn how to gentle them too.

Internet Adoptions begin on March 4th. To see how to qualify to adopt an American Mustang go to:

Where to Get Help in Gentling your newly Adopted Wild Horse

If you need help adopting or in the gentling of your new mustang there are many people who will help you in the process who have experience. Some resources available to you are:

On The Modern Mustanger on Facebook. Members of this group have excess to some of the Mustang Facilities through out the West and Midwest where there are mustangs available for adoption. This is a group that is filled with experienced adopters as well as new mustang adopters. Some of the people have been adopting mustangs since the program began and can give you some good advice on every thing from gentling the horse, to what to feed them, to health care for mustangs while you are in the gentling process. They also understand the unique attributes and nature of the wild mustang that make mustangs a bit different from domestic horses in nature and reaction to humans. Here is the facebook link to the Modern Mustanger Group:

Find A Trainer Experienced with Mustangs.
If you want to adopt a mustang but don't have time or experience to gentle the horse yourself or you just want a trainer to start your newly adopted Wild Horse this might be a great option:
You you can take a look at the Trainers list in your state though the Mustang Heritage Foundation TIP program. The Mustang Heritage Foundation keeps a list of trainers that are willing to start mustangs then reassign them to new adopters. The best of this group will not only teach your horse, they will show you valuable information you need as a first time adopter. Here is the link to the Mustang Heritage Foundation trainers page:

There is nothing more rewarding than owning a wild horse and nothing more important than being this a part of this hands on  solution to save wild horses.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy Adopted Granite Nevada Cremello Mare Tag 4998 Mustang A Day Callenge Painting #484

Cremello Mare from Granite HMA Navada
Interntet Adoption  Tag 4998
Happily Adopted to Oklahoma Bidder
5 by 7 inches  Watercolor
by Linda L Martin

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy Adopted Mustang Mare Opal Mustang A Day Callenge Painting #483

Precious Declaration
Happily Adopted by Carolynn Chamlee
4 by 6 inches Watercolor
by Linda L Martin Artist