Monday, November 21, 2011

Guest Artist: Rachel Dubber

 My name is Rachel Dubber; I am an International Irish Artist from Co. Galway, Ireland.  Currently residing in Cape Town, South Africa, who has a life long passion for horses. 
11 by 17 inch Oil Painting
By Rachel Dubber
  My portfolio consists of mostly oil paintings, photography and occasionally sculptures.  My work has been exhibited in Europe, China and South Africa and is included in collections in Ireland, Scotland, England, Italy, Spain, China and South Africa.

The images I select to paint affect me emotionally, which I believe they must do, in order for it to take life on a canvas.   Years spent with horses also help in getting the feel of the horse on canvas or molded in clay.  The image must convey the freedom, beauty, strength and majestic qualities of the subject.  I love my oil painted horses to be free, unhindered by tack or riders, free from any constraints and always, if possible in motion.  

Detail of  "Apache"
 For this guest artist exhibit the requirement was to paint a Mustang. Not having access to Wild Mustangs or the availability of images was solved by the generosity of John Wagner a passionate American Photographer whose work I truly admire. After contacting John, I was given permission to paint one of his photographs.

This oil painting, measuring 17 inches by 12 inches is of a Mustang called Apache; approximately between 3-4 years old, he is a satellite stallion in a Mustang Herd called Brave's Band.  John kindly informed me that Apache is a satellite stallion, which is a full adult stallion that is allowed to hangout with a Band that already has a lead stallion. Usually the satellite hangs out away from the main Band. The satellite serves a purpose, sometimes he is a challenger, an extra pair of eyes, and so the lead stallion can stay closer to his Band.
Detail of
Apache is very aggressive. He picks fights with Brave all the time and any other stallion close by. Apache is small but he is very brave.

Brave's Band lives in Sand Wash Basin Horse Management Association in Northwestern Colorado, on 160,000 acres of Bureau of Land Management Land, 250 square miles of Freedom to roam where they want. The land is so huge that the Wild Horses don't even scratch the surface.

May The Wild Horses Run Free forever....and keep touching our hearts and minds.

You can check out more of my work at and feel free to drop me an email.


  1. Gorgeous work Rachel. What a talented family!

  2. I love this picture, Rachel - he really feels king of the world, even if is is just a satellite at present!