Thursday, December 9, 2010

Corona: Band Stallion of Sand Wash Basin Painting #7

Band Stallion of Sand Wash Basin Co
8 by 10 inch acrylic on canvas board
by Linda L Martin(c)2010

Corona has been called the Fabio of SandWash Basin HMA, with his long light blond mane and a forelock that falls over mischivous eyes. Undoutedly the sexiest of the Sand Wash Basin Stallions this horse is unique in Color and stands out  as a strong band stallion. His age has been estimated so that it makes him among the oldest of the Sand Wash Baisn band stallions. His mares are healthy, his foals strong and beautiful. Corona's ability to keep his mares together and well fed in the sparce conditions of the range shows that he isnt just another  pretty face but that he is a driving force among the band stallions.

Refrence Photo by
Nancy Roberts

His uniqueness is not just in his presense and his family leadership; it is in his color too. Corona is a rare Dunalino.  At first glance his coloring gleams like a golden palamino. However at closer glance one notices that he has a distinct dorsal stripe and zebra markings on his legs, and dark outlines on his ears that are genetically present in all dun horses. The fact that he is golden with a slight goldish hue to his lighter mane and tale is eveidence that he also carries a gene for cream. Both dun and cream genes are resessive. Every offspring  Corona produces would be graced with the rare ressive traits. He is a beautiful and unique jewel of the Sand Wash Basin HMA.

Special thanks to Nancy Roberts for  the refrence photography


  1. He is a handsome fella. You are doing such a great job painting the mustangs! You make me wanna try one soon.

  2. Come on in the water is fine Sheri! =0) Im thinking we need to have an open challenge in July. I'll see if we cant get a few photos then invite all the equine artists to give it a go. It might be fun.