Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Adoption: "Tavaci" From Nevada Wild Horse Range- Challenge Painting #57

5 by 7 Watercolor
by  Linda L Martin Artist

     Tavaci was adopted by photographer Amy Spivey and her husband, Christopher,  in September 2010.
Tavaci, was rounded up in July of 2008 from the Nevada Wild Horse Range. He was born in 2007 according to his Bureau of Land Management Tatoo.  The sorrel gelding with the long silver flaxen mane and tail was trained by Texas trainer Robert Carlson. 
According to Amy, Robert, along with Fiancé Madi LeClerc, have both worked with Tavaci.  
Readers may remember that Artista and Riley in previous Adoption posts where both horses that came out of Robert and Madi’s  Training Facility. In addition to training TIP and adopted mustangs, as well as other horses, both Robert and Madi compete in the Mustang Makeovers held by the Mustang Heritage foundation .org.
Reference Photography by
Amy Spivey/Lightening Bug Creek Photography
Used by permission
Amy’s Lightenning Bug Creek Photography documents the training activities of Robert and Madi through out the year as they prepare for competition in the Mustang Makeovers.
Amy says that Tavaci is to be her husband’s trail horse.

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