Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Steens HMA Week "Golden Boy" Challenge Painting #68

"Golden Boy"
5 by 7 inch Watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist
Tonight's Painting is Golden Boy
In the words of our guest blogger Tracey Westbury:
"Golden Boy.  He's not the prettiest of the Hollywood stallions, but he's certainly one of the more recognizable for those who've been visiting the Steens over the years.  I'm not sure of his age, but this boy doesn't always hang with the 'younger' guns such as Honor or Majesty.  You'll see him there now and again, but more often I've found him somewhat distanced; close, but not too close. 
This could explain his larger than normal band.  While most of the stallions have 2 or 3 mares, GB has 4-6.  When I first saw him, he had a sorrel and white pinto mare among his harem. 

Golden Boy's Pinto Mare
and one of his possible offspring
Photo by Tracey Westbury.
Used by permisson.
Despite having a gather in 2009, which gave some stallions access to mares from other bands, the sorrel tobiano mare and GB were back together, and have been ever since.  I don't know how long these two have been matched up, but it seems she has no desire to leave, and he certainly has done his best to keep her, even though the others from '08 are with other stallions or gathered off the range.  I've included one photo of the mare, along with her 2010 colt.  When I first saw this band in '08, she had a colt very similar to this one; a bit darker, but still a buckskin with a big white blaze.  I'd venture to guess that means she was with GB back in '07 as well." 

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