Friday, March 18, 2011

Steens HMA Week: " Available and Adoptable Black Filly" from Stinkwater HMA Challenge Painting #70

Black Filly
9 by 6 Watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist
I just couldnt bring myself to title this one with her tag number. Each day I learn more about mustangs and how they are managed and the people who care about them. There are such a wide varity and complex issues involved with the round ups. The most important one to my mind is what happens to the horses after they are taken off the range. The best case senerio is that adoptive homes are found for them.

This little filly from Stinkwater HMA in Oregon evokes all sorts of benevelont emotions, however she has yet to find an adoptive home. She seems to have three marks against her that probably should stir up the desire to rescue this baby from her implied circumstances rather than make her a less appealing adoption prospect. The first is the name of her HMA. Stinkwater doesnt exactly  suggest the romantic herds that Pryor Mountains, Kieger, and Steens bring to mind. Of course that  doesnt make her any less a daughter of great mustang stallions and  a historic legacy of our Wild Horse heritage.

Filly #666
Photo by Tracey Westbury
Used by permission

Our Guest Blogger Tracey Westbury says this about the little mare:

"This adoptable filly has fallen under several different nicknames;  Sixes, Night Mare, Witchy Woman...her tag number is the unfortunate 666.

It doesn’t help that she's all black and in her photo she has birds hanging off from her shoulder.  And yet this is what also endears her to so many people who've seen her photo.  She's obviously not happy about those birds there. 

This filly is from Stinkingwater HMA.  Horses here have a strong draft influence and range in size from 14.2-16 hands.  There are many roans to be found, along with bays, sorrels and blacks.  She's located currently at the wild horse corrals in Oregon.

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  1. You have painted her beautifully, I hope she is adopted soon.