Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Zoey" A Rescue and A Happy Adoption~ Challenge Painting #78

Terri Keene's little mare Zoey is a very Happy Adoption. However, poor Zoey had a very rough start.
5 by 7 inch Watercolor
by LindaLMartin, Artist
Here's Zoey's story in Terri's own words:
She was rounded up as a baby, and her mom died in the holding pen. She was adopted out somewhere in Shawano, WI with another mustang. The guy decided they didn't need food and was starving them. They somehow escaped and were running around Shawano for 5 days or so. A boarding place was contacted and they went and roped them and took them to their place.
A family that boards there decided they like Zoey. They said she would cower in the corner of the arena. She was skin and bones and had not had her feet trimmed at all. This family did all of Clinton Anderson's training methods with her over the summer.
Unfortunately, come fall, the would move their horses to a family members place, and they couldn't take an extra horse, so they relinquished her to the BLM. The BLM advertised her and the other horse on facebook. If they weren't adopted by the end of that week, they'd get on a truck and go from sale to sale. I contacted the guy and went and looked at her and the other horse.
I picked her ‘cuz she was halter broke, and the other wasn't. I could have had both! I paid $25.00 for her! It cost me more in fuel to go get her! LOL
She is a great little horse and has a huge personality!

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