Friday, March 11, 2011

Silvers and Golds of the Sand Wash Basin "Cheyenne and Tripod"Challenge Painting #65

"Cheyenne and Tripod"
6" by 9" Watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist
Tonight’s painting and the last of our Silver and Gold horses of the Sand Wash Basin is of Cheyenne, Corona’s Dunalino pinto mare with blue eyes and Their late foal of 2009, Tripod. Tripod is a little cremello colt.
Here is what our guest blogger Debra More McGuire   has to say:       
“I think from pictures I have seen of Corona he is a dunalino. If the mare with him has a dorsal she would also be dunalino. They both carry a cream gene. That colt in the picture with them is a cremello. (the giveaway there is all his pink skin). Cremello is what you get when you get two cream genes.
"Corona, Tripod, and Cheyenne"
Corona is a Dunalino meaning that he looks like a Palamino but has a dorsal
stripe and zebra markings on his legs. Cheyenne is also a dunalino and has a dorsal
stripe. However because she is a pinto with white legs her zebra marks are hidden.
This photo was taken in the spring of 2010,
 both Tripod and Cheyenne are still in their winter coats.
Since the cream gene and the dun gene are two different ones a horse can carry both. That is how you end up with a "dunalino" All that is essentially is a palomino with dun factor and people started calling them dunalino. So if Corona is older then alot of the palomino genetics up there could come from him. At least one (maybe both) of his parents also would have carried cream for him to be the color he is and be passing it along. There would have also been a dun carrier in his background.”
A special Thank-you to  Debra More McGuire  for guest blogging with us. Thanks for all the great “converstations” on colors and mustangs. Love to have you back again anytime.

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  1. I love the fluid feel to the way yo used the medium in this work and the horse's colors. Great piece!