Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crow, Harem Mare of Sand Wash Basin HMA Challenge Painting #73

Crow of Sand Wash Basin.
8 by 10 Watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist
Crow is a beautiful black mare with no white markings. Horse watcher,  Nancy Roberts said of her that she is the darkest black she has ever seen. Last season Crow was with the band stallion Yellowman. She had a late bay foal that was quickly starting to turn gray.
Crow is also one of the Sand Wash Basin Mares that is currently being given the birth control drug PZP to try to control the population growth of the Sand Wash Basin herd. The idea is that if the study  that begun in 2008 is successful then there will be zero population growth in the Sand Wash Basin Herd while still maintaining the genetic viability of the Herd.   Ideally the mares given PZP should not produce a foal for  up to three years.   If the study proves successful then round ups of the wild horses will happen less and less and thus prevent disruption of the normal behavior of the wild horses of the Sand Wash Basin. The study,  currently being conducted by the HSUS is due to be completed in 2012.
Correction: Crow with her 2010 foal is on the Right in this photo.
The black horse on the far left if Crow's 2009 colt.

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