Friday, March 25, 2011

Evita's Foal of Sand Wash Basin HMA Challenge Painting #75

Evita's Foal
5 by 7 inch watercolor
by LindaLMartin
Evita is one of two black mares in the Band headed by the rich red bay stallion known as, Copper. Instead of painting  Evita, I decided to paint her not yet named foal. This black foal was born in 2010.
 As I was looking through the documented horses of SWB, I noticed something very interesting about most of the black mares of the Sand Wash Basin. Nearly every solid black (not pinto) mares have white stars on their foreheads. For those of you going out to horse watch this spring and summer  better check the stars so you can recognize them. A lot of the mares  also had brown or black foals with stars as well.  
Evita with her Black Foal in the Summer of 2010
Another way to tell the black mares apart would be  to check out the band stallions they are with. However , in a few months a lot of family groups could change as younger stallions begin to compete for mares. You can check out the 2010 mare page on the Sand Wash Basin Facebook page to familiarize yourself with some of the documented mares. Keep in mind that not all of the horses of Sand Wash Basin have been documented as of yet. Hopefully,  as more people contribute to the process,  eventually all the horses will be seen and photographed. With the possibility of new foals coming this spring this becomes even more exiting. 

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