Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blue Eyed Mustangs of Sand Wash Basin HMA- Band Stallion Haze #455

5 by 7 Watercolor
by Linda L Martin
Signed limited edition In-house prints of this painting are available via email:

This beautiful blue eyed sorrel stallion  advocates of  Sand Wash Basin HMA called Haze actually became a band stallion after a horrid Tragedy struck in the winter of 2012. Band Stallion Davy Greasewood (aka Davy G) was caught in wire and had to be humanely destroyed. Haze immediately picked up Davy's two mares Yarrow and and her filly White Sage. Also a reoccurring tag along was  Demi the sorrel pinto domestic who was dropped off on the Herd Management Area sometime in the summer of 2011. Demi has no brand so according to the law she is considered a wild horse.

According to some of the photographers and wild horse watchers White Sage was a hand full and very protective of her mother. Yarrow an aging liver chestnut mare had some sort of deformity in her front foot that made her crippled. Her disability continues and yet the mare manages to thrive. Some how Haze managed to keep the small band of mares together and  WhiteSage had a beautiful chestnut foal this spring that was soon named Sagewood, In Memory of Davy G.

Time will tell if Haze manages to keep a band on Sand Wash Basin.

A special thanks to John Wagner for the reference photography.

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