Friday, June 24, 2011

Metawa Wacipi Wi on Winners Week Challenge Painting #138

 Lona Patton was the second Second Chance Mustang A Day Challenge Giveaway winner.
Metaway Wacipi Wi

This is Metawa Wacipi Wi, Lakota for Moon Dancer Mine. He is Lona Patton's♥ mustang, captured out of Adobe Town HMA in WY in March of 1996 as a 2 yr old. She adopted him less than 2 months after his capture,  He was still a stallion. Metawa wasn't gelded until after his first year with Lona. She used his need for attention  as a means to easily gentle him and begin his training.

Congratulations to Lona for winning. Thank- you for participating in the Mustang A Day Challenge Giveaway.

1 comment:

  1. You did a FABULOUS job on Metawa, Linda! Seeing it actually made me tear up a little :)
    He is the horse love of my life! We have a connection like no other horse I've ever known in my 49 years with horses.
    You brought that to life in your painting, and I am touched by it.