Thursday, June 23, 2011

Amarillo Skye on Winners Week Challenge Painting #136

Amarillo Skye
9 by 10 inch Watercolor
by LindaLMartin Artist
Amy Bond and Her horse Amarillo Skye:
Painting for Wednesday June 22, 2011
Amy Bond was the winner of our Halfway Giveaway, in celebration of reaching the half way point on the Mustang A Day Challenge.

Her prize is a 6 by 9 inch watercolor  of Amarillo Skye. Skye is Amy's rescue half mustang. Amy got Skye when he  was 15 months old. As she share's on her facebook page in spite of being in need of worming and very thin, Skye showed himself to be very intelligent and a quick learner when Amy Started to work with him.  Amy said that he learned to lead, cross tie, pick up his feet and stand quietly for fly spray in just 2 days.

Congratulations Amy! 

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