Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Barcus Band Stallion of Sand Wash Basin HMA Challenge Painting #124

Barcus Band Stallion of Sand Wash Basin HMA
Challenge painting for Monday June 6, 2011
Barus of Sand Wash Basin HMA
9 by 6 inch Watercolor
Sold As Commission
By Artist Linda L Martin
So many amazing changes on the Sand Wash Basin this Spring. One of the big ones is that Barcus has come into his own as a band stallion. This beautiful black stallion with a short white sock on his right forleg and a large white snip that covers the lower half of his face and a narrow stripe and hooked star has become a lean mean fighting machine with 6 mares  several yearlings and a new foal already on the ground.
As of his family portrait he was a bit underweight  from fighting and defending his mares. He has new scars from his battles and an injury to his right ear that he didnt have before. As he covers more mares and they come into foal things will settle down. Through the grazing months of mid and late summer into the first freezes of autumn the horses will eat and the young will grow and play. There will be some skirmishes however mostly the stallion and his family will eat and the foals will go strong until they are fat and happy for the coming winter.
Life goes on this way constant change and constantly the same each season. Unless of course there is intervention by man.

There is a possible round up of the Sand Wash Basin Wild horses sometime in 2012. At that time some of the younger horses maybe removed. With good wild horse managemet  each existing band will stay intact only to be seperated  by normal activites of horses and not the intevention of man.
This painting of Barcus was a special commission for a new young Art collector’s Birthday in Kenya. She has a great love of horses although there are not many where she lives. This is her first original.  What an honor to have the subject of her first owned art work to be one of the Wild American Mustangs of the Sand Wash Basin HMA
Photography credit for the reference photo of this painting goes to horse watcher And Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses Photographer and Documenter Nancy Roberts. You can follow her blog at  http://SandWashBasinWildHorses.blogspot.com   To find out more about how you can participate in supporting this herd you can also link in on facebook to the Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses Page at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sand-Wash-Basin-Wild-Horses/101181969939406
Among other things you can meet others who are passionate about the Sand Wash Basin Herd and read about their sightings. And you can also choose a favorite horse and sponsor it to help in the documentation.

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