Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mustang A Day Challenge Guest Artist: Michelle Severe

Charm by Michelle Severe
All paintings of the Artist presented here and copyrights of here work belong to that artist. For more information about her work please contact the links below.
The beautiful buskskin mare Charm
and her 2011 foal. Michelle painted
 this painting specially for
the Mustang A Day Challenge
     This beautiful buckskin paint mare has been photographed a lot over the years, and is known as “Charm”. She resides in the South Steens HMA referred to as the “Hollywood Herd” as they easy to access and photograph, and don’t mind putting on the show!
   When asked to participate in this project, I turned to Maggie Routhage’s “Oregon’s Wild side” photos. Maggie has done a wonderful job photographing our wild side horses, landscapes and wildlife, and a tremendous help to me as an artist for reference photos. I am currently working on the Stinking Water HMA with the help of Maggie’s photos. 
Horses of the South Steens. Illustraition by
Michelle Severe for the book Oregon's
Living Legends (Notice that Charm
and her palmino foal are in the center of
this painting behind the fighting stallions.
     I chose “Charm” because I liked the photo Maggie took, and I have painted her before in my depiction of the South Steens HMA for the book “Oregon’s Living Legends” written by Andi Harmon. Three years ago she had a palomino (filly, I think) at her side. This year she has a blaze faced, chestnut colt, which looks a few months old in the photos. So I used one of my own newborn foal as a model, she was similar in color and the blaze face.

Palomino Buttes HMA Wild Horses
Illustraition by Michelle Severe for the book Oregon's Living Legends.

     I am Michelle Severe, a western and wildlife artist. Andi Harmon and I combined our talents for the book “Oregon’s Living Legends” an actual accounting of Oregon’s wild horses, the ranges they roam, and people who’ve adopted them, and their accomplishments. For more information check out the following websites:


  1. Thank you Linda for allowing Michelle and I to be a part of this wonderful project! Portions of the proceeds from the sale of prints of this piece will go to Mustang U, a non-profit whose goal it is to place Sale Authority horses in homes, with some gentling and training by Mustang U.

    1. It is my pleasure to have her here of course, Andi. :)