Thursday, October 11, 2012

Challenge Image #353 Apache of Sand Wash Basin HMA

Detail of Apache for the Book of Sand Wash Basin Painting.

Detail of Apache
by Artist Linda L Martin
The entire painting will be shown in my next blog post. I just didnt think it fair to little Apache not to give him the spotlight before I showed the entire painting. Apache is a feisty little bachelor stallion that according to wild horse photographers at Sand Wash Basin HMA in Colorado spent most of 2011 following along with Band Stallion Brave's band and trying to steal a mare of his own. The Stallion, Brave, was stronger bigger and more experienced, but that didn't stop Apache. While he didn't get a mare last year, he did gain valuable experience that will help in years to come in finding and defending his own mares.

I will share the entire painting with information on the Book and how to Pre-order in my next blog post. Enjoy.

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