Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Challenge Image #351 Brave of Sand Wash Basin HMA

This week I am working on a very special collaboration for a book about the Sand Wash Basin Wild horses. Ive never worked with photographer Joe Tosh before. The reference shots for this painting came from him. They are pretty amazing.

Detail of the work in progress
Joe is one of the great photographers that pals around with John Wagner one of my regular collaborators John A Wagner, Patrick Brennan and Joe are the photographers who are putting together the project.

The painting is nearly 3/4ths the way finished. I will put the whole thing on the blog on Thursday. I am one of three artists invited to participate in this honor. This is a pretty amazing project. Thank you Gentlemen for inviting me.

The final painting will be 9 by 13 inches. This is just a close up of Brave. There are two mustangs in the painting. Name to be announced.

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