Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sagewood 2012 Foal Sand Wash Basin HMA Challenge Painting # 349

The Legacy of  Davy Greasewood.
The Legacy of Davy Greasewood
4 by 6 inches Watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist
Most people will remember that early in 2012 Band Stallion Davy Greasewood was humanely euthanized on the range when he sustained a life threatening injury. It was later discovered that Davy G had a 16 inch piece of barbed wire wrapped around his leg.

Davy was a very  popular stallion with his band of two mares, Yarrow and her daughter, White Sage. Just a few weeks before  his death , I was told that the domestic mare, Demi, joined the band also. Very shortly after Davy's death  a sorrel stallion named by the horse watchers as Haze took over the mares and has had them to my knowledge until this writing.

Davy's death brought to light some of the real man made dangers to wild horses. Wire and other trash left behind on the range can cause untold peril for wild horses and other animals that frequent the range. The problem of the discarded wire had inspired many volunteers to help clean up the range twice so far in 2012.

While many of us are still missing Davy Greasewood, we are also delighted  to find that  over the summer White Sage delivered a dark chestnut foal. This filly was named, appropriately, Sagewood.  Now the fact is that actual patronage of a stallion to a specific foal in the wild is a bit arbitrary and can usually only be confirmed by DNA testing,  I think it appropriate to assign Davy G with father hood of this little filly. She has a look about her that reminds of him even though she is not his color or markings.

In truth she will know Haze as her father and Band Stallion until such a time that she leaves the band or is stolen by another stallion.

To see more of the amazing wild mustang horses of Sand Wash Basin HMA  go to facebook and like the Sand Wash Wild Horses Club Page : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sand-Wash-Basin-Wild-Horses/101181969939406


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