Friday, October 12, 2012

Painting #354 "Run Little Horse" for the Book Three Amigos of Sand Wash Basin

"Run Little Horse"
Brave Chasing Apache
For inclusion in the Book Three Amigos of Sand Wash Basin
13 by 8 inches Original Watercolor
by Linda L Martin Artist
Reference Photos for the painting by Joe Tosh

Three Amigos of Sand Wash Basin, a book written by Patrick F. Brennan Jr., Joe Tosh & John Wagner, is a book full of wonderful stories of these three close friends photographing the wild Mustangs at Sand Wash Basin. The book will also be chuck full of the Amigos collective “Best of the Best” wild horse photos that they have collected over the past three years. The book will be released on November 15th of this year- available online ( only and in hard cover edition. This publication will also have two great stories on adopted mustangs- one of them is horse that was gathered at Sand Wash Basin in 2002. The book will also feature three wild horse artists, Karen McLain, Linda Martin and Melody Perez, with paintings photographs from the authors and one from an original work.

The authors met on Face Book, when Joe and John saw photographs of Patrick Brennan had taken of Gymkhana competitions in the Denver area that he had posted on Face Book. John invited Patrick to come out to Sand Wash Basin to photograph the wild horses at SWB. They quickly became fast friends and have had many trips together out at Sand Wash Basin since then.

The idea for the book came from some conversations between the Three Amigos while they were together at Sand Wash Basin last year- when Patrick Brennan floated the idea that they should do a book together about all the great adventures they have had photographing the wild horses.  Patrick thought about it over the winter months and announced on his first visit the following Spring that he was going to go forward with the book. Phone calls, e-mails and Face Book messages fired back and forth between Patrick in Denver, Colorado and John and Joe in Dinosaur, Colorado. Before a few months had past the outline and bare bones draft of the book was down on Patrick’s laptop and they were off and running with it. They are self-publishing the book and if initial sales do well- than Patrick Brennan will be in further contact with a couple of publishers that will take a look at the book for wider distribution based on those initial sales numbers.

There will be no pre-ordering of the book, it will be available online only through A price has not yet been determined. It is expected to be in the $30 to $35 range- but that is just an estimate at his point.  The official link for the book will be posted on Patrick Brennan Website  and there will also be a Face Book page put up by the authors by November 1st  that will be dedicated to the book and will have the direct link for the book posted there.

Patrick Brennan will be featured in a full length article in Sidelines Magazine, a national equestrian magazine published in the US and Canada. The Three Amigos of Sand Wash Basin book will be mentioned prominently in that article. The story will be in their November issue – due out on October 20th, 2012.

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