Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lozania of Sand Wash Basin HMA, 2011 Foal Challenge Painting #127

Luziana of Sand Wash Basin HMA
Trying out her new legs.

4 by 6 inches Watercolor
by Artist LindaLMartin
Luziana is the 2011 foal of the beautiful gray mare Pablina. Last year Pablina was a member of Lightning's band. This year according to the horse spotters and photographers, the band stallion Rounder has the mare and is accumulating a large number of mares and younger horses. And so things change and life goes on in the Sand Wash Basin HMA

You can follow the horses of the Sand Wash Basin HMA and even become a part of the club  by going to the Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses Club page on Facebook:

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