Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Snow of Sand Wash Basin, A Tribute Painting HMA Challenge Painting #126

"With Angels Wings" Snow of Sand Wash Basin HMA
"With Angels Wings"
Snow of Sand Wash Basin HMA
6 by 4.25 inches Watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist

Little snow was the only foal born to Picasso's Band this year. Monet was Barren again, possibly because of her age.Olga, Picasso's other mare in the PZP study, was stolen sometime in the spring by Vegas.

Snow was born solid white with a few small markings of black around his mouth. His skin was pink and his eyes the bluest of blues for a horse. For several days he ran with the herd and nursed, however something wasn't right and as happens sometimes, a possibly congenital defect caused him to die at a few days old.

The Sand Wash Basin can be very hard and cruel in the variation of the elements only the very strongest and the most vigorous can adapt, survived and thrive under these harshest of conditions. This painting  is a tribute to those who lived for but a brief moment and contributed to the beauty of the experience to those who appreciate them  for but a small exceptional period of time.

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