Thursday, December 2, 2010

Picasso Band Stallion:Mustang A Day Challenge #2

Picasso of Sand Wash Basin
8 by 10 inch Acrylic on Canvas Board
by Artist LindaLMartin

Picasso is probably the most flashy and famous Band Stallion on the range of Sand Wash Basin Horse Management Area. He has been featured in photography books and other items troughout the country. He is one of the older Stallions. Because of his age he has become savvy to the ways of the roundup. My understanding is that he illuded capture (using helicoptors)during the 2008 gathers and cowboys had to go out to bring him in.   Among his mares this year is also a stray domestic mare.  She will be featured in a painting with him later on in the challenge.
Thanks to Nancy Roberts for the photo image used as a resource for this painting.
For those interstested I dont strickly copy photography but  use it as refrences. As you can see by the photograph below I centered in on Picasso from a larger Photograph in order to Capture his movement. These first band stallion paintings I am trying to capture each in movement before I  move on to more complicated works of them. If you have a horse you wish to see painted as a part of the challenge please email me at or message me in facebook.