Monday, December 6, 2010

Band Stallion Nomad of Sand Wash Basin Painting #4

Nomad of Sand Wash Basin
Band Stallion of SandWash Basin
8 by 10 inch
Acrylic on canvas Board
by LindaLMartin

Nomad is a buckskin or light bay band stallion in the HMA at Sand Wash Basin, Colorado. His harem consists of one mare and his black filly out of her.

Reference Photo by
Nancy Roberts
used by permission

He was named Nomad because of his habit of roaming far and wide all over the Horse Management area. As horses are nomadic in nature, Nomad takes it to the next level, always in search of the best food and water and never staying in one place too long. I highly suspect this is also Nomad's strategy for keeping other stallions from stealing his mare.
A special Thank-you to Nancy Roberts for the use of the Reference Photography
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