Friday, December 3, 2010

Band Stallion Prince of Sand Wash Basin Herd Management Area: MADC Painting #3

Prince is one of  sseveral gray band stallions in the HMA at Sand Wash Basin. He tends to favor deep red chestnut mares and has some beautiful rosy roan offspring  in the photos of his harem.
Band Stallion Prince
copyright (c) 2010 LindaLMartin
8 by 10 acrylic on Canvas board
Photo Refrence Credit to George Roosevelt 
The other Sand Wash Gray stallions are difficult to tell apart at a distance. Prince, besides his star quality, has a bit of pink around his nose and muzzle. Quite often, from the photos, Picasso's band is  nearby and they tend to migrate  around the horse mmanagement area(HMA) keeping their distance and their mare's separate. Prince like so many of the band stallions has bites and scars from his many battles for mares. The day this photo was taken Prince was chasing off a bachelor stallion trying to make off with one of his mares. Jimmy Darksand, the bachelor stallion that I named last year was the horse trying to circumvent Prince's domain and steal a mare for himself. 
See the originial painting in the Mustang A Day Challenge Store on Etsy:

Thanks to George Roosevelt for the use of the refrence photography for this painting


  1. I like the feel and movement of this piece. You can sense how this horse is lunging forward with each step. Great job Linda!

  2. Thank you So much Sheri, This was a bit challenging because Prince was running away from the light source and the image was taken at a distance. And He was lunging .. he was lunging after JimmyDarksand.( The Sand Wash horse I named) Jimmy is one of the preliminary horses I painted before the project started. He is a Sandwash Basin Bachelor Stallion who is looking to start his own herd. He spent a lot of days trying to steal mares from Prince. This past season he was unsuccessful. Perhaps next year Jimmy will get his first mare.

  3. Great, keep the faces and text coming.

  4. Thanks Gabriele. Im so glad you are enjoying these. =0)