Friday, January 14, 2011

"Picasso and Monet" Sand Wash Basin HMA Band Stallion and Harem Mare MADC painting # 26

"A Fine Romance"
"Picasso and Monet"
8 by10 inch Watercolor
by LndaLMartin

It seems to be a beautiful romance unfolding at the Sandwash Basin. One of the most colorful and regal stallions, called by most, Picasso. His tri-colored striking markings are making him one of the most famous and frequently photographed pinto mustangs in the country. This story began last spring when a beautiful fine boned remuda horse from the Sombrero Ranch showed up in Picasso's herd. This tawny buckskin mare, the horse watchers have named Monet. She is a domestic mare who when given the choice has chosen to stay with Picasso. In fact when the horse watchers on the range discovered her they were concerned that she wouldn't be able to withstand the rigors of the rough terrain and sparse forage that the Mustangs thrive on. Worse was the condition of her feet as a domestic they are softer and grow faster than the Mustang hard flinty hooves. 

by  Nancy Roberts
Reference Photo Used by Permission

Yet as the story goes the wranglers came out to the range and tried to capture her and she would have none of it. She wouldn't even get with in roping distance not to mention haltering distance.
All of us who love these Wild horses are waiting with great anticipation to see how  she will fare through the winter. Picasso being the wise band stallion that he is with many years caring for  his band even through  the gathers of 2008,  and 2005 when many of the bands were separated and never regrouped, seems to have a special tenderness for this mare. The affection among the two is well documented among the photographers that frequent the Herd Management area. And Picasso's affection for her  may be one reason why she has chosen to stay with the herd.

by John Wagner
Reference Photo Used by Permission

 This painting will be offered for sale on Etsy. A portion of the proceeds will go to  Nancy Roberts for her efforts to educate and benefit the horses at Sand Wash Basin HMA. 

More paintings to come of Picasso and his Harem as well as some of his beautiful off spring.

If you have a special Mustang you would like to have painted please email me at or message me in Facebook or etsy.


  1. THIS one is NOW my new best favorite Linda! The layout and colors are just wonderful!

  2. Sheri, thankyou so much. Im so rushed this week that all Picasso mares will be watercolors.Im did Monet tonight. Im so glad you are having a great time with these. =0)