Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Picasso’s Mares: Olga, Mustang A Day Challenge painting #29

9 by 10
by LindaLMartin

Olga  penned by the BLM during the 2008 round up
Both Olga and Mingo, Picasso's other harem mare,
 were given PZP,  the mare birth control shot, to prevent them
from foaling.  Olga produced a foal in 2009.
Photo by Nancy Roberts used by permission.
As of this writing Olga's two sons were last seen
with the band before the snows hit.
Olga appears to be in foal again to Picasso
 and will probably foal sometime in late summer or early fall.

Photographed by Nancy Roberts in the
summer of 2010. This was  before she had
 her late in the season baldfaced paint son, a stud colt.
 The foal was named by PJ, by Sand Wash Basin 
 horse watcher/ photographer, John Wagner. PJ is short
for Picasso Junior. Photo used by permission.

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