Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mustang A Day Challenge painting #33 "EL Morro" January Special to Benifit Alder Hill Farm Mustangs

"EL Morro"
oil on gessoed canvas board
5 by 7 inches
by LindaLMartin
      Well I spent most of the afternoon watching the Nature Documentry on Cloud and his Story for this one. You can actually find all three parts of the series on the PBS site. It was kind of important to me to watch it for several reasons. You see I had heard about the Ginger Kathrins project when the first one came out however I didnt have a tv at the time.  So I  finally had the opportunity to watch it before Christmas and then again today. It was actually prepwork for this particular painting.  
His name is El Morro and he was born in the Pryor Mountins, was a part of Clouds herd and was captured then auctioned off.  Somewhere between his auctioning and  today El Morro then ended up in the care of  Alder Hill Farm's Head Horseman, Scott Litherland, who worked with him then sent him off to his forever home a useful, well adjusted  and useful Mustang.
"EL Morrow"
Reference Photograph used by permission Scott Litherland

I consider this horse a triple treasure. He is first a Mustang and at his capture that was geneticly varified not only as to be a decendent of Spanish horses, but  who his family was in cluding his father. The BLM who manages the horses takes blood samples to see who belongs to who gentiticly since there is a lot of  movement from family to family in wild horse herds. This is done each time a gather is accomplished.  He is also a treasure because of his color in that he is among those that remember the myths and Romance of the old west when the beautiful black stallion  comes and saves the herd. And He is a treasure in that he is part of the Pryor Mountain horses  who have been documented since the 1995 in film and shown though out the country  through PBS's Nature Series.

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