Thursday, December 16, 2010

Alder Hill Farm's Domino Mustang A Day Challenge Mustang # 11

  Special Note: Alder Hill Farm is no longer an active rescue.
Black and White Paint Mustang
(one blue eye)
5 by 7 inch
Acrylic on Gessoed Matte Board
by LindaLMartin

Slight Change of Focus for Christmas:
Its a little less than a week before Christmas.  Ive decided to make a little change in the painting schedule due to an untimely injury. Instead of the 3 horses I had planned for this week I am doing to do a special mini Challenge of the Alder Hill Farm Rescue Mustangs.
There are 7 of these beauties ranging from A Pryor Mountain Movie Star Mustang, to a Mustang with a partial BLM Brand, to a Mustang with no brand at all.

 Each of these horses are true American Mustangs. Through a series of events unforeseen by their adopters these horses ended up either as "surrenders" meaning that the horses were put into the care of  Alder Hill's Trainer Scott Litherland when owners could no longer afford their care or because  training issues made  the Mustangs too difficult and unsafe to handle.  Other Mustangs were rescued at  horse sales to prevent large quantity horse dealers from shipping them out of the country to be  processed for food.

Photo courtesy of
Alder Hill Farm Rescue

Alder Hill now has over 100 horses of every breed and color. They  will add a few more from a major rescue operation in Arkansas last week.  Scott and one of Alder Hill's founders, Leslie Maxwell, participated with HSUS and ASPCA teams to help assess and remove over 116 abandoned and neglected horses from a dealer feed lot. 

About the paintings:

Each of these original paintings will be 5 by 7 inches in size and painted in acrylic on gessoed matte board, then signed by the artist. 
100% of the proceeds( after expenses) of these 7 paintings leading up to Christmas break will be donated to Alder Hill for the care and feeding of the  Horses.

The paintings will be offered on Etsy Starting on Monday December 20th as they are painted.  They will be offered for $45 dollars each plus Shipping and handling. $20 will go to the Mustang A Day Challenge Project for fees and materials  used in the project and the remaining $25 will go directly to Alder Hill Farm once the once payment has cleared.

Domino spending  Quality time with Napoleon.
 Prince and the mini-Donkey are in the background.
Photo courtesy of
Alder Hill Farm Rescue

The First Horse in the this mini challenge is  Domino. Domino was surrendered to Scott Litherland. Domino is now Leslie's Maxwell's personal  trail horse. She says: "The amazing thing is Domino was not even captured until he was 10 and gelded at 12,  He is 14, yet he is wonderful on the trails and has stamina and heart to put the young uns to shame!" Domino's training is on going and sometimes when running with the herd his Mustang band stallion tendencies tend to come out.  He tends to gather the Alder Hill mares when he is running out at pasture.

One of the unique ways of helping him regain his focus is to remove him from the bigger horses and put him in with the  Minis Napoleon and Prince and their friend the mini donkey. In this small enclosure Napoleon is the herd boss.


  1. LIKES this one very very much!!!!

  2. Thanks Sheri. Gosh I had no idea that paint horses were going to be the ones I found the most difficult to paint. You do such a wonderful job with all yours. I may have to seek out a few more. There is a beauty of a Band Stallion from Sand Wash Basin named Eagle that I think I will be painting the first week back after Christmas. Of Course all of Picasso's beautiful off spring later in January. I might learn how to paint a paint before this is all over LOL =0)