Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Going for a Spin" with Robert and Watson Challenge Painting #96

Robert and Watson "Going for a Spin" 
Training for the Ft Collins Mustang Makeover
"Going For A Spin"
Robert Carlson and Watson
8 by 10 inch watercolor
by Linda L MarinArtist
Today’s painting features Robert and Watson and is based on a wonderful photo by Amy Spivey of Lightning Bug Creek Photography of Robert literally taking Watson for his first spin. What starts out as a warm up exercise to help the horse soften to turn in both directions will eventually  be able to work into a reining spin.
Taking a Mustang through the stages of training can be one adventure after another on a good day. But try  keeping to your training schedule when you are threatened with a tornado, hail and more severe weather than you can imagine and the treat of raging brush fires all in the same week.
Madeleine and Tango crossing the bridge.
The Last few weeks have been a steady  introduction of new things  and  consistent repetition  of  what the mustangs  Watson (Robert Carlson) And Tango ( Madeleine LeClerc) have learned.  Besides introducing the horses to all sorts of obstacles one would find on the trail, both horses have been trailered to different locations to be ridden in doors, outdoors , with strange horses and through strange obstacles and at one location through a stock tank.
Robert and Watson loping in full saddle and
cowboy halter.
The most dramatic location training session was when Robert was  riding Watson at a lope as a threatening storm loomed up. Through the high winds, a churning sky, and sirens, Robert rode Watson until Watson was calm and the two could end on a positive note.  This was probably not  what Robert had originally planned for this location training session, but it was definitely an opportunity to build more into to the partnership. Every opportunity must be taken to help the horse reach that level that requires a wild horse to trust the human  and build confidence in all situations.
To read a more detailed account of all the training activities of the  Madeline and Robert  log into facebook and  follow their daily updates on their Fort  Collins Makeover blog  page.  http://www.facebook.com/pages/2011-CO-Mustang-Makeover-with-RM-Performance/119433394800806
To see more of Amy Spivey’s wonderful Photography check in to her facebook page  for Lightning Creek Photography: http://www.facebook.com/pages/2011-CO-Mustang-Makeover-with-RM-Performance/119433394800806#!/LBCPhotography
 Photographs provided by Lightning Bug Creek Photography. Used by permission.