Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Just A Bit" Watson and Robert Carlson Painting #87

"Just A Bit"
Watson and Robert Carlson
8 by 10 inch watercolor
by Linda L Martin

Robert leads Watson using the halter while
Watson becomes comfortable with the bit.
Photo provided by Lightning Bug Creek Photography
Used by permission
 First the Saddles and then the bits. This painting shows Robert Carlson's Ft Collins Makeover Horse getting used to wearing a bit. it will be sometime before Watson is ridden using reins on the bit. In the mean time Robert will do a series of bending and give and take exercises to prepare Watson for  the full use of the bit.  He is currently riding Watson using his cowboy halter.

Madeleine and Tango.
Getting used to wearing his bit.
Photo provided by LightningBugCreek Photography
Used by permission
 Madeleine LeClerc’s horse for Ft Collins also has been Named. His name is Tango.  Both Madeleine and Robert will continue working with their horses  for response and suppleness beginning first riding in the cowboy type halter and later and very gradually but consistently transferring control through a bit In the horse’s mouth.
You can follow the training of Watson and Tango on the  R&M Performance Horse page on Facebook:!/pages/2011-CO-Mustang-Makeover-with-RM-Performance/119433394800806

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