Friday, April 1, 2011

"Lieutenant North Star" Kiger HMA A Happy Adoption~ Challenge Painting #80

Lieutenant North Star
Kiger HMA
8 by 10 inch Watercolor
by LindaLMartin
A Unique and Special Happy Adoption:
Lieutenant North Star or Lui, as  Lisa and Kevin Sink  affectionately call him, is just such a unique horse. He is one who will obey verbal directions but will not allow touch contact with a human.
In Lisa’s words:
"Lui was captured in 1999 as a 9 year old!!! He was the lieutenant stallion in a herd of about 20 mares. Kevin and I watched the herd and took pictures of them for two years. Attached is a picture of him in the wild. He is on the far right, the lead stallion out in front.
Lui refused to be gentled, outlasting Kevin every time in all their training sessions. Kevin and I decided to leave Lui in his wild state and he has been that way for 11 years now! He will not allow us to touch him but will listen to me when I  tell him he can go out to eat grass and tell him when he has to come back in. He loads in the trailer without a problem, we just back it up to his pen and tell him to kennel up. We can take him to an arena and let him run and roll. When it's time to put him back in the trailer, we tell him to kennel and he gets back in! He has been very special to us. Always reminding us of that wild spirit that still lives within him. “

Lisa and Kevin Sink have adopted over 35 Mustangs, are TIP trainers and have competed in Mustang Makeovers.


  1. What a gorgeous animal and a great story.

  2. Wow, what an honor, and a great job of capturing him. Its cool to hear his story and see the picture of him in the wild.

  3. Thanks so much StcySwnsn and DianneC. Im so glad you are enjoying these. =0)