Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Alder Hill Farm’s Branson Rescue Mission: Part 2 “ Bringing In The Big Guns” Painting #93

Alder Hill was  under the gun in capturing the three “abandoned” horses. Already land owners local to the abandonded development  had offered to shoot the horses before they became a nusance or ran out on to the highway were they could become a traffic hazard. All three of the horses were athletic as well as in very good condition coming out of the winter.  
9 by 6 inchWatercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist
Because of the limited access  to the property it was understood that the horses would have to be led out to the trailer because the trailer couldn’t be brought in. There was also no way to bring in  a remote corral to contain the horses. After consulting with the Sheriff’s department and local animal control it was decided that the dominate stallion would need to be darted. Then they could slip a halter on him and either pony him out using a trained horse or lead him out with several people holding lead lines so they could get him into the trailer.
When the day arrived one of the Alder Hill supporters trained in  guns and affiliated with the local sheriff’s office and the animal control officer  came out for additional support. In addition the team barrowed two ATV’s to  help  in getting the team to the remote location.
Again the horses would allow the team members to get with in feeding and petting distance but would not allow them to put the halters on them. The horses also seemed a bit nervous and kept close to the forested hill.
There was no way to get a clean shot. After several hours of give and take and never being able to get the horses out into the clear, suddenly the horses ran into the woods and up the hill.  Several team members followed after them.
On the other side of the hill they made a discovery. There before them lay neglected farm on the other side of a downed fence. There was all sorts of trash in the field. All along the fence line were posted signs warning that anyone coming over the property line would be trespassing and would be prosecuted. Farther down the hill was a barn.  There in the barn yard looking very much at home were the three horses.
Even though the Police had been trying to find the owners of the horses for months obviously the owners of the horses didn’t even know they were gone. The team Needed to  regroup yet again. This whole adventure was taking a toll in manpower and fuel due to travel. And for a non-profit in a time of economic hardship with 100 horses already to care for, The Alder Hill Farm Rescue team needed to determine what the best course of action would be.
They gathered up their equipment and paid a visit to the house trailer on the property to see what they could find out about the horses.
Tomorrow night: “The Redemption”
Today’s Painting is the Branson Stallion, named Prancer. Once separated from the dominant stallion , even though he had never before worn a halter nor ridden in a horse trailer, after about an hour of training The Alder Hill Rescue Team, headed by their horseman Scott Litherland, led him into the trailer. Because he had no fear of people or bad prior training, in fact no training at all, according to Leslie, one of Alder Hill’s founders, the He did really well even in the confinement of the trailer. Upon arriving at Alder Hill he was placed in the stallion paddock with another stallion  until the remaining stallion could be captured.
To read more about Alder Hill Farm go to  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this painting go to Alder Hill Farm.

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