Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Overlapping" Madeleine LeClerc and Tango Plus One : Painting #120 Getting ready for FT Collins

Overlaping" Madeleine and Tango plus Her new Extreme Mustang Makeover horse are featured in  the painting for tonight.  Posting for May 31st, 2011
Madeleine and Tango
8 by 10 watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist
In 11 days Madeleine Le Clerc and Tango, and Robert Carlson and Watson will be in Ft Collins Colorado competing in the Ft Collins Mustang Make Over. Already the two trainers are in full swing for the September 2011 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover(SEMM). Three horses in Training for the September Event,  a number of tip horses in training. Plus the Ft Collins horses its not surprising that the training not only overlaps but it finds more advanced horses  earning their training mileage while helping the newly started horses gain in experience.

Madeleine and Tango with Madeleine's SEMM
Mustang. Learning how to lead and be led.
Standing quietly undert he rope.

Every aspect of the Mustang Heritage Foundation program is to introduce the Mustangs involved in the program to any aspect of basic training that will help them adjust to a useful domestic life. However the training does not end with the aadoptions after the event. MHF trainers also offer additonal training and coaching for the new owners that gives even more opportunity for a successful adoption and a lifetime home for the mustangs involved.

Robert Carlson and  Watson playing
follow the leader though the obsitical course.
In Today's painting Overlapping shows  Tango  gaining experience in ponying another horse. The new horse is Madeleine LeClerc's little Roan Mustang Mare she purchased to compete in the SEMM.  To follow the Mustang Training Program that Madeleine and Robert have established in Boyd, Texas and to see about available mustangs in training you can link in on their Facebook Page: R&M Mustang Program

To read more about the Mustang Heritage Foundation programs go to

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