Friday, June 10, 2011

Marty of Sand Wash Basin HMA, 2011 Foal Challenge Painting #128

Marty 2011  Foal Sand Wash Basin HMA
"Shadow Boxing"
Marty, 2011 Colt of Sand Wash Basin HMA
4 by 6 inch Watercolor
by Artist LindaLMartin
Marty is Shadow Boxing like many young colts do in preperation when they will grow up and one day become band stallions. 
This little chestnut pinto colt was born to Bonita. Bonita is a gray pinto mare. She is a harem mare in Cherokee’s Band. Cherokee is a very nice chestnut or sorrel pinto band stallion.
You can follow the horses of the Sand Wash Basin HMA and even become a part of the club  by going to the Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses Club page on Facebook:

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