Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Diamonds in the Rough" 2011 Ft. Worth Supreme EXtreme Mustang Makeover Challenge Painting #125

 Diamonds in the  Rough 
Makeover Painting for June 7th, 2011
Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover Horses Miles Fidelis, Penny Lane, and Dessert First

"Diamonds in the Rough"
Desi, Miles, Penny
8 by 10 watercolor
by Artist LindaLMartin
 Madeleine LeClerc and Robert Carlson are headed to the Ft Collins Extreme Mustang Makeover this week end with Tango and Watson. Tango and Watson are headed to competition and ultimately new adopted homes.While waiting for the results of the competition this week I am offering the the introduction of The R&M Mustang Programs three new Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover horses.

Two weeks ago they picked up their three Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover Mustangs. There three are now trainging for  the September event in Fort Worth, Texas. All three are from Nevada HMAs.

Miles Fidelis

The Bad boy of the group is the jet black gelding, Miles Fidelis. From a HMA that is famous for it extremely wild horses. This is  one of the herds least desensitized to humans in the USA.  Miles was probably destined to be a band stallion and showed a lot of  Spirit and Fear. His reactions to first introductions were always violent  when first started. However Robert reports that from the beginning Miles, once he over came his fear was willing and intelligent. 

Penny Lane

The little Strawberry Roan mare is Madeleine's horse. Her unofficial name is Penny Lane or Penny for short. Penny's introduction to work was more average to what The R&M Mustang Program expects. She also is very willing and progressing nicely. She has a very sweet face. 

 Dessert First(Desi) is the name of the little dark chestnut.  Desi was one of the after the auction pool horses that was purchased after the auction. This little mare turned out to be a real surprise. She was very willing and surprisingly easy to handle from the beginning.  She is very gentle and watches everything the two trainers do when thy are handling the other horses.

Dessert First
You can follow Madeleine LeClerc and Robert Carlson's R&M Mustang Program on facebook at:
All photos and reference photos are  by A. Spivey of Lightning Bug Creek Photography on facebook at:

Dont forget  Tango and Watson are both available for auction On Sunday at the Ft Collins Event. You can see both horses perform during the event that Starts this Friday. 
Also If you need some Equine, Livestock or Ranch  photography and would like to meet Amy Spivey in person, she will be at the event also.

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