Monday, June 27, 2011

Flip Sanctuary Mustang at Alder Hill Farm Challenge Painting #139

Flip Sanctuary Mustang  At Alder Hill Farm 
since  2010
Flip of Alder Hill Farm
6 by 9 inch Watercolor
By LindaLMartinArtist

Flip wasn't what you would call a happy adoption. This bay roan, approximately 15 years old may never have known the concept of belonging to anyone, much less the idea of being cherished. Well not until he reached  Alder Hill Farm and Scott Litherland, at any rate. A horse woman happened to be at a horse sale in Oklahoma when she spotted this emaciated little stallion fearful and unsure of himself. He was underweight, his right ear seemed to have been broken and hung over at an odd angle. His BLM adoption tag was still hanging around his neck. Someone had agreed to adopt him but upon getting him home they possibly thought him too much to handle. However that is only speculation. No one really knows How he ended up at that sale. And to make matters worth with the minimal of research it was discovered that Flip was untitled. That meant that who ever had agreed to adopt Flip had not completed the minimal of housing and inspection requirements for the adoption of a mustang through the BLM.  The woman brought him home.
She realized that to handle him properly and  help him to adjust to captivity would take proper training and handling by a professional who knew the special needs of Mustang Horses. So she contacted Scott. Scott brought Flip home and he has been turned out  as a permanent sanctuary horse.

Flip is a 6 by 9 inch special painting that is  available for sale as a fund raising painting to help raise money for the sanctuary Mustangs at Alder Hill Farm.
You can purchase this painting or commission your own by going to : 

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