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The Eyes Have it: "Domino" Sanctuary Mustang at Alder Hill Farm Rescue Challenge Painting #121

Domino, Sanctuary Mustang At Alder Hill Farm

Domino Sanctuary Mustang
5 by 7 inch Watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist

Domino is a  life time sanctuary mustang at Alder Hill Farm near Stockton Missouri.
He was a band stallion who was rounded up at the age of 10. He was actually trained and ridden as a stud for two years by his original adopter.  He has only been ridden by two men one was his original adopter and the second was Alder Hill’s head Horseman Scott Litherland.

At the age of 12 it was decided to geld the black and white pinto. He was moved to Alder Hill Farm Rescue in 2010. It was there that Leslie Maxwell one of the Rescue’s founders formed a bond with the Mustang. Leslie is the first  and only woman to ride the him. Every time she rides Domino, Leslie learns from the experience.  Leslie acknowledges that he is a very challenging horse to ride.

 According to Leslie, when Domino was entered into the herd at Alder Hill, there were some problems unique to him.  Domino has to be segregated from mares and cannot be pastured in a mixed group of mares and geldings. Drawing from his experience as a band stallion Domino’s falls right into leader and protector of the herd. He gathers up the mares and fights off the geldings. 

Napoleon (L), Prince(R) with Domino in
the mini pasture at Alder Hill Farm Rescue
Photos courtesy of  Alder Hill Farm Rescue.
All Rigths Reserved.

In order to help him learn the finer points of domestic life, Domino was pastured with the mini horses, Napoleon and Prince, and a mini donkey for the winter. The stallion happily lead his band of bachelors so that the 4 of them passed the winter in relative peace and camaraderie.

It was observed that Domino enjoyed the company of the little guys and they had no problem talking back if he got too pushy.  There was also one account of Domino using some of his band stallion/ wild mustang skills to help the little fellows  over the winter, by breaking through the ice in  the  water trough.

As sometimes happens with pink skinned horses they develop skin cancer due to repeated sunburn. Domino is a bald faced pinto which makes him a prime candidate for lesions. Over the winter it was discovered that he did in fact have some small lesions around his eyes.  The treatment and prevention of this condition is to have laser surgery to remove the lesions and then to tattoo eyeliner around the pink parts of the eyes to protect them from developing more lesions.

Prince trying to get Dominio to play.
Photos courtesy of  Alder Hill Farm Rescue. All Rigths Reserved.
Domino had his laser surgery in April of 2011. Once the skin around his eyes has completely healed he will be tattooed to prevent any additional lesions. The painting tonight is called intervention. The  reference photo provided by Alder Hill Farm was taken right after Domino’s Surgery.

A portion of the proceeds of the painting’s sale will benefit Alder Hill Farm Rescue’s Sanctuary Mustangs.

If you would like to donate to Alder Hill Farm Rescue directly or Sponsor one of the Sanctuary Mustangs there please contact them through their websight 

You can also follow Alder Hill Farm on Facebook:!/pages/Alder-Hill-Farm/143615622351535
Alder Hill Farm is a 501(c ) (3) Rescue Non-Profit registered with the State of Missouri

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