Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Only One Day until The Mustang A Day Challenge Begins!! EXCITING!

Wow only one more day before the very first painting will be created in the Mustang A Day Challenge.

New Christmas Tshirt Desgn

I think I’m going to let it be a surprise who the first horse will be.  I will tell you this: the First 5 horses will be Band Stallions from Sand Wash Basin Herd Management Area in Northern Colorado.   I am open for suggestions on the Next group of horses. As they are finished they will be posted here with a bit of information and names if their herd watch groups have assigned them names.  
You can be a part of this!
If you live near a herd Management Areas and either know people or you yourself photograph. Please email me if you have suggestions. I am also looking for adopted mustangs to paint. We already have a number but I would like to do a total of 30 during the process so please tell your friends with adopted mustangs to email me or contact me through facebook.  Rescues are welcome too.  My easy email is contact@LLMartin.com
The Website:
Ive been updating my website and adding a series of internal pages just for the Mustang A Day Personal Challenge.  You can see it here: http://www.angelfire.com/jazz/llmartin0/MADC_firstpage.html
Please Take a look at the Website from time to time to see updates. One of the new things I am adding is an email monthly News Letter  that will run feature stories on  People and Places relating to the Mustangs , information about exhibits, new paintings, and herd watch meet ups. I will share more about that with you very soon.
Two new T-shirt designs 
In the mean time here are two new designs for t-shirts that I will be up loading to Zazzle. These two shirts will be in place before the end of the week and just intime for some late Christmas Shopping.
 Remember the sale of these t-shirts will help us fund the challenge project and eventually take it on the road.  You can be a part of getting the message out.  Tell your friends, Enjoy! And Happy Trails, ~Linda

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