Sunday, November 28, 2010

Only 2 Days before the Mustang A Day Challenge Begins!!

Only 2 more Days before the Mustang A Day Personal Challenge Begins.
Prep Night for the Mustang A Day Personal Challenge
Every table top and counter space filled with drying
painting surfaces. My kitchen table held 11 of the 25
newly gessoed plannels and canvas boards.
I’m so excited!!
Tonight was prep-night. I prepped 25 surfaces for the MADC  December  Challenge Paintings.  Paintings Sizes will range in size  from 5” by 7” to  11 by 14 inches. Prices starting at $65 for those being sold from etsy. The 5 best paintings in the series from each month will be held as part of the traveling exhibition.  The first of the exhibition work will be ready to book in February.

Also selected paintings will be added to the zazzle store to be available for purchase as canvas prints, t-shirts, mugs. The sale of these items will help cover the expenses and a portion of the sales over the expenses of the project will go to mustangs in crisis/rescue groups  or watch/care groups  that document the Wild Horses. You can visit the zazzle store here:*
If you have a horse you would like to see painted,  please email me or message me through Facebook . Any and all wild horses in the USA are eligible as subject matter for the project. I will also take commissions on the Mustang of your choice. All funds generated will go to funding the project.
 In the next two days I will finish updating the website.
Corporate Sponsor,  Event Hosting and  Press kit packets  will be ready to go by the 17th.
Once all the basics are together I will be building an email base. It will update everyone interested on a monthly bases.  I would love to give you a preview to events, new products and background on selected Mustangs. Other work I am involved in will also be in these emails.
I cant wait to get started! We already have 2 galleries interested in Art from the Challenge. It’s going to be Awesome!!
And there will be some surprise announcements along the way.

Email me for specific info about the challenge or to become a sponsor, or to be on the news letter email list.

Happy Trails,

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