Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy Adoptions Bubbles Challenge Painting #154

Deb Moore McGuire recently obtained a new  2 year old Mustang Filly.  
Here is what Deb Says about her:
"Bubbles is a 2yr old Warm Springs Ore filly. "WS Champagne Bubbles".

I saw her in May when I went to Burns, came home with about 2 dozen photos of a shaggy pony that you could see a few spots on, that had a strange marked face. At that time she didn't have a number tag on (had been taken it off somehow). I contacted Patti Wilson, at BLM about her. Found out she was just a 2yr old and that she was very friendly and was going to be put on the internet adoption. Since I had inquired about adopting her before the internet adoption horses were finalized I was able to adopt her.

When Lynn Ciavanni was in Burns she took pictures of the horses at the corrals and got some photos of her all shed out, you could then see all of her little "bubble" spots.
The 1st of July Bubbles came to Washington to live. I plan to make her into  a trailhorse.  Bubbles has come along so quickly I hope to be riding her before summer is over. "

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