Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Do a Little Dance Mustang Challenge Painting #146

Tonights painting is of Robert Carlson and his Supreme Extreme Mustang Markeover horse, Miles Fidelis.

"Do A Little Dance"
8 by 10 Watercolor
by Linda L Martin

Miles is has been a bit of a challenge as he is from an HMA in Nevada that is known for its isolation thus the horses that come from their tend to lack frequent contact with humans. Everything is different to the horse but once he over comes his fear he moves forward.
Robert is taking him slow and easy as they get ready for the Supreme EMM in Fort Worth in September.

This painting called Do A Little Dance shows the special roll that natural horsemanshp has in training the mustangs. It is a form of give and take that uses the horse's basic behavir to gentle the wild mustang as well as helping the trainer gain leadership and the confidence of the horse.

You can Follow Robert Carlson and Madeleine LeClerc on their facebook page as they train for the Supreme Mustang Makeover in Texas this Autumn. Go to their facebook Page for R&M Mustang Program

Reference photography by A Spivey of Lightning Bug creek Photography.