Friday, October 11, 2013

Blue Eyed Mustangs of Sand Wash Basin HMA- Bachelor Stallion Picasso Jr. #456

Picasso Junior ( PJ)
5 by 7 inches Watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist
Prints will be available soon.

It was photographer John Wagner  who first saw PJ when he was  a new born October foal in 2011. John thought he looked distinctly like his band stallion  the very famous Picasso, and named him PJ or Picasso Jr.
Generally speaking it is very hard to really know which foals are fathered by which band stallion in most herds. The reason is because quite often younger stallions will steal away mares that seem willing and of course young first time stallions are always looking for mares.  True to form PJ's dam, Olga a beautiful bay mare was very soon spotted with a different stallion named Vegas. She has stayed with Vegas since and PJ this past summer left Vegas' Band and is now out with the Bachelors as a 2 year old.

A special thanks to John Wagner for his reference photography. I have had an ongoing collaboration with John since 2011. When I sell a painting or print where one of his reference shots is used I save a portion out for him to continue his work of documenting the wild horses at Sand Wash Basin.

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